I had eye surgery today and will not be able to post for a bit. I have preposted for today and tomorrow but after that, I don’t know how long it will be. Please enjoy the archieves and I will be back as soon as possible. I am typing without being able to see so please excuse any errors. Hugs and much love to you all. Also, I can not read your comments right now and will catch up on them as soon as possible. Love to you all, pat


  1. What type of eye surgery did you have? I had cataract surgery last year and although it was a pain literally not being able to see for a bit, I’m thrilled with the results now. For the first time in my life, I have 20/20 vision!


    • I also had cataract surgery. It is the second one I had but this was complicated by macular degeneration. Since I went blind in the other eye four months after the IOL, there is that risk here, although this surgery doesn’t usually affect the MD. I waited as long as possible to have the surgery so when I had it yesterday, it was really amazing at the difference. Since I have such good vision after the first day is reassuring because it probably means the macular degeneration hasn’t gotten worse. I will hope for the best and enjoy each day I have vision. We take so much for granted every day and not being able to see very much yesterday was very revealing to me, for sure. hugs, pat

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      • Thanks for the update. Good luck with continued and improved sight. Four months without sight is terrifying.

        I had a tough time because I’m so nearsighted and wear hard contact lenses which change the shape of my eyes. My doctor had me go without my lenses so he could figure out what Rx to use on the artificial lenses. Of course, I lost my glasses the week I was going through this and was not allowed to wear my contacts! I went in every week for two months until my eyes settled down and he could schedule the surgeries. My Rx was a -22 and is now perfect. So, to make my story shorter, I was legally blind in my house for the weeks awaiting surgery — but not due to a scary situation like yours.


      • I have been preparing as best as I could for the possibility of total blindness as far as learning how to do things independently but after my surgery when I couldn’t see except for a blur, I realized that I had not considered how boring I would find not being able to do all the things I love which require close vision. How did you deal with boredom? I know audiobooks and music are available, even some art projects, but that is not enough for someone as active as me. I have volunteer work that I could do without vision, so that is good. How about you, what did you do during that time?

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      • I love to read, too. The days I couldn’t read or do anything made me realize how bored I will be if I lose my vision. I will take steps to remedy that since I have time. I can listen to audio tapes but they are not my favorite, but I have explored some other things that I will revisit. Hopefully, I will never need to use them. hugs, pat

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      • I listened to audio books too at the time. We like them on road trips. Otherwise, I prefer to read. I also have retinal lattice degeneration which could leave me blind. Thank goodness no change in that for decades! Blindness is such a scary thing to face.


      • I will keep you in my prayers that you will never have to face that problem. I have had time to think about the possibility of losing my vision. I know that I will make a life for myself that will be interesting and worthwhile. I will stay independent as long as possible but accept whatever comes as I have great faith in God’s mercy and guidance. He has helped me through all kinds of challenges and I am sure there are many good lessons to learn that losing sight would offer.

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