The Swan

Oh, White Queen, full of Grace,
teach me the gift of discernment.
Help me to hear the voice of the
Divine, which lives in my heart.
Fill me with the light of faith so my
fear dissolves into nothingness.
Help me to use all of my senses to discern
when others seek to deceive. White Goddess,
Divine Feminine, bestow your grace upon me
so that I may be one with all in pure love.


Mary Foxen shared with me that swans are symbols of discernment. The legend is that if one mixes milk and water, the swan is so discerning that it can separate them again. In II Corinthians 12, the Bible lists discernment as one of the eight spiritual gifts one might have. To be discerning, one must be intimately in tune with one’s intuition, one’s inner voice. We can improve our gift of discernment with practice. Be silent, go within in, and listen to your guidance.


      • I just like them. They just are, they’re not symbols, though someone will make them into symbols I suppose. Like I said in the other place, they look elegant and graceful, but they are tough. When I was a kid I saw some nesting in a big pond in a park. My dad showed me how rats kept swimming out to the little island they were nesting on. One of the rats got too close, I think it was trying to steal eggs, and there was an explosion of movement and wing flapping and the swan had the rat pinned under the water, and it held it there til it drowned.


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