Butterfly Beatitudes #1

Today I saw an amazing collection of pictures of butterflies posted by Njari Johnson in Facebook. My home is called The Butterfly House because of the many butterflies we have year round. The beautiful butterfly is a symbol of joy (Beatitude is defined as exalted joy; Supreme Blessedness), and transformation (because if the various stages it goes through.) I am inspired by Njari’s post to create a series of poems, wise sayings, etc. around the theme of butterflies. I invite any of you who would like to join Njari and me in this challenge to do so. There are no “rules,” be a butterfly–free to write as you please.

Today I am a caterpillar,
too many legs, confined to
leaves. How I long to fly.
Why can’t I be beautiful
like a butterfly? Oh, impatient
caterpillar, be who you are today;
be a joyful caterpillar.


  1. Dear Pat, thank you for the mention and for being inspired! I’m going to work on posting my own butterfly beatitudes very shortly :). With the beautiful spring weather and breeze there are many butterflies fluttering around to inspire me more so. Much Love and Hugs, Njari xo


    • You did indeed write a beautiful butterfly poem. I am enjoying writing my series and looking forward to more of yours. Thanks again for the inspiration. love when we feed each other’s creativity, hugs, pat


  2. Love your butterfly beatitudes! This was an interesting find for me today. I recently began blogging “one-in-creation,” and my post for today (or yesterday) has to do with finding the courage to leave the cocoon! It recognizes the desire to be free and joyful – from the perspective of the inner resistance and fear we can meet, trying to spread those wings! 🙂 Would love to share. http://oneincreation.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/thoughts/


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