Ordinary Acts

One-by-one, my days unfold
like petals of the finest rose,
blooming into the Flower of Life,
sacred moments of ordinary acts
made Divine when done with
loving intent.


  1. Greetings!
    Early in February, I ‘awarded’ you the Versatile Blogger Award. I guess I expected you to be notified by a pingback. Anyway, go to my blog to capture the badge (or let me know if you need help with that:) As a “condition” of the award, you are to reveal 7 things about yourself, & give the award to 15 other bloggers. Have fun & be well!!


    • Let’s see….how do I let you know that I really am pleased when someone nominates me for an award, but at the same time, I simply can not participate in these because what computer time I have goes to maintaining my blog. It takes me several hours every day to write six or more poems, find or make photos for them and post them. I even had to stop participating in poetry clubs because of the increase in volume of poems i receive seven days a week. Please understand that I truly am happy that you enjoy Source of Inspiration and welcome you here always, but I need to keep what time I have available for maintaining the volume of work this blog requires. I do hope you and the other wonderful people who have nominated me in the past understand. Hugs, pat


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