When I’m Gone


I am becoming smaller
fainter, quieter
soon only my shadow is left
until even it shrinks
to a dot and disappears.

Where will I be
when I am gone
like water do I become
mist, clouds, a droplet too small
to see?

Is it possible that nothing
ever disappears rather changes
form which may or may not appear?

Or will this me simply cease to exist
leaving only a memory
until even that fades away?

We have many stories
of what’s to come
yet no one really knows.
Somehow I’ve come
to a time where it does
not matter
accepting what will be
will be.


  1. As long as I make the best of each moment, I’ll be fulfilled.
    There’s really so much said about what happens after we are gone but should they deprive us of what we ought to do when we can?
    Life is beautiful when we add smiles to faces and ease the burdens of others.
    Let’s keep living by loving rather than competing.
    There really is enough for everyone.
    Lovely thought provoking post!


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