What’s Missing

One more piece of cake,
One more shot of booze,
One more one night stand
does not give what’s
missing in this oh so
empty hand.


  1. Well first things that came to mind was the song

    Looking for love in all the wrong places

    Yes a little Sunday humor

    How many men get lost trying to fulfill the male ego fantasy we were taught as little boys

    Be a man

    Do not cry

    Trophies won validate manhood

    Women become trophies for male egos

    Seems dehumanizing for all us


  2. You brought the picture to life so perfectly. The elusive void we all seek. I can so very easily go spiritual and say that what we seek is found within, which is also quite true; however, we’re also human and as humans, once finding what it is to be found within, we also seek that loving partner, as well as a tribal connection. Hmmm, I used the word connection, that too, a collective/source connection too fills that void. My goodness, so many voids, time to play in nature! ❤ Kimberly


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