Did I Thank You?

Did I remember to thank You
today? My daily prayer remains,
“Lord, may I always be truly grateful.”

Ah, sweet nectar is gratitude.
May I sip it from the Flower
of Life like a jeweled hummingbird.


    • Hi, BB, thank you for the reblog. Learning to have an “Attitude of Gratitude,” changed my life, literally. It is always good to be reminded of this, isn’t it? Hugs, pat


    • Yes, I have many humming birds here and love them but have never captured a really good picture of them. I have quite a collection of photos of them, but unfortunately, none of the really super ones are mine. Hugs, pat


  1. This is just beautiful, especially at the threshold of Spring! Can’t wait for the real hummingbirds. . .And, to you, “Source of Inspiration” Thank you for the Beauty you share with us your “silent audience”!
    Thankfull am I for each breath, each moment, each snow flake, each bird song, each flake of oatmeal in my breakfast-bowl, even for the “smelly downstairs apartment” that is a trial for me at present! Thankful for everything that comes my way, be it big or small, good or bad, white or black, quiet or noisy . . . for, everything in-between . . . connects it all in the Spirit of Love! Yes, I choose Life! and I love it as it comes to me! and I change what I can within myself to be part of it all, balancing on the edge like a tight rope walker, focused in determined joy upon the NOW, one step at a time.


    • Hi, my friend, we sort of lost trace of each other. I have been so busy with my blog that I have not been able to visit others as often as I would like to. Thank you for the reblog and I wish all good things for you. Hugs, pat


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