Breaking Trust

The lie was tiny,
or so it seemed,
but it formed a
wedge that cracked
the trust I had in
you, leaving me
feeling somehow betrayed


  1. Yes, guarding our integrity is very important. Trust is hard to regain once broken. It is good that you forgave her, though. With time, perhaps the trust will be mended. Sometimes we break promises to ourselves as well. Keep our integrity to ourselves is also very important. Hugs, pat

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  2. Aww, I can relate to this. I have a friend who I trusted and shared my secrets with but she spilled them all to my ex-friend when we’re not in good terms. She meddled in our issues and broke my trust. After all of that, I still forgave her because she means a lot to me but the trust we’ve built before has a cracked on it now. Sad but true.


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