Call to Action

Brothers and sisters, I call you
to action. We are being poisoned
from every direction; millions are
needlessly sick and dying. Our food,
water, and air are filled with toxic
chemicals. Our doctors are handing out
“medications” with more adverse affects
than cures. We overeat, drink, smoke,
work too many hours to maintain a life
that ultimately is killing us and our planet.

Hope is sweeping the world as people across
the Earth are awakening. People are leaving
the cities, going back to the land, demanding
that every family be given a piece of tillable
earth that can never be taxed or sold.

Simplify your lives; give away to those in need
all that you can possibly discard. Stop
buying products designed to easily break.
Stop buying…may I say this again…stop buying!

God wants us to be happy, joyful, peaceful.
Surely we want this, too. A walk in nature
replenishes us…a walk in a shopping mall
robs our soul. Choose life rich in love,
abundantly full of those gifts of nature
that guide us to our true selves.


    • Thanks for your presence here, all of you who stop by so faithfully. We truly can make a difference starting with our own homes and communities. Those of you who come here regularly know that the time is now for us to act to help mankind make this spiritual shift. Start by living your truth, then reach out to others and help them. We can make a difference. We must! Happy New Year to all of you. Let’s make 2012 the year of miracles of love and peace! hugs, pat


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