Who Are They?

Who are serial killers who murder
with maximum torture? Are they
soulless beings? All is said to
be made by our Creator. How is it
possible that these creatures are
seemingly without conscience or

Yet do we not see brutal acts committed
every day…acts devoid of regard for life?
People we pass in our daily routines who
act without integrity, with total
indifference to the pain they cause.
Is it possible that there are beings
in human form but without that Light
that burns within?


In looking for a photo to illustrate this poem, I found the one above at the following site. The author shares his dream about soulless people. Visit Dead End Follies and read this remarkable dream.



  1. I wish it were as simple as soulless people ruining our world.

    I feel the truth may be more sinister. Almost all cases where psycopaths receive treatment, it is found that they come from horrific and traumatic pasts. Psychopaths are created, I am afraid. By our woundedness. By the cycle of abuse that exists on our planet. Psychopaths breed psychopaths. Welcome to Earth…

    Unless, of course, a new cycle can be created. A cycle of love.

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      • I am ready to live in love and I believe you are as well.

        We are not alone. It is a matter of getting all of us together in one “room” so we can engage in this important discussion. The discussion of true change.


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