Are We the Slaves?

Do we really have
dominion over all
other life on Earth?
No other life form has
self-awareness, spirituality,
the ability to create, to use
tools, therefore we are
superior and have the right
to enslave and abuse?

Ask the Africans who were
captured and enslaved under
the proclamation that they were
inferior, or the millions of
genocide victims throughout history.

Consider the possibility that
it is we who are enslaved by
accepting false values and ideas
without question. Please, dear
brothers and sisters, stop and
consider all you assumed to be
“truth.” Refuse to accept any
action that is not based in love
and respect. Examine how we live
and consider the possibility that it
is we who are enslaved.


  1. I really enjoyed this piece. There appears to be a very dominant thought today, that we are indeed the masters of this planet and we can control and manipulate her to meet our own needs. We decide which species get to continue procreating, which ones are pests, which ones we can farm for food… without consideration to the fact that they themselves are living beings, with their own right to life. Thank you for sharing this.


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