Mentally Ill or Unique?

Does mental illness really
exist or have we put labels
of judgement on those who
live in other dimensions?
Perhaps the requirement to
conform is the root of the
issue. What if people simply
cared for and accepted
those who walk the path
of nonconformity?

Consider a world where all are
values, even cherished. Each
of us contribute in ways we may
never understand. When we accept
each other without trying to
control and without judgement,
we build a foundation of peace
based on love.


  1. I can’t remember if I shared this with you before. But I have a post on my blog: I am Elephant. The prose strongly relates to this. Thank you for these beautiful words. The human mind longs for classification and sense-making, though we often end up putting ourselves and/or others in limiting identity-boxes. Thanks again. : ) ~ Sam


  2. True. There is no one different. Every one has a world of their own making which is a part of their soul…their conscience.
    Judgement is the biggest lie…. Who are we to judge? The greatest judge is the nature which embraces all; spotting no difference and spreading love with no prejudice and just love.


  3. It would be wonderful, but just like the blue parrot, differences standout making a good target.


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