Soap Bubble Emotions

Emotions are soap bubbles
designed to guide us, then
harmlessly float away. Do
not make them into stones
to carry on your back. Enjoy
them all, yes, even the tears,
for being able to feel is a gift.
Then, let your feelings shimmer
away leaving you peacefully
filled with gratitude, and
knowing that you are loved.


  1. I love soap bubbles

    and there’s all kinds of versions of them now – day glow and even ones that harden and last for days

    I like to blow those ones into my garden and mix the bubbles with flowers and use the hose to make custom rainbows

    the mice should be left alone, I am trying to entice fairies!


  2. OK, I’m with you – gratefully purring – up to the last sentence; ‘knowing that you are loved’ – NO! I do not know this. I’m not even sure I exist in the eyes of the Great One. I feel you are being…I feel you are abandoning your raw, honest and loving observations for a generic statement; ‘you are loved’; we are loved.
    How do you get to this point in your perception?
    I feel the interconnection; but also I feel the isolation. I certainly feel the isolation.


    • Anna, what an honest response you gave. Have you read the book that contains the letters of Mother Teresa to her spiritual adviser? She, with all that she accomplished, also had more than 40 years of feeling alone, not able to feel the presence of God. She knew God worked in her life because she could see her beautiful work coming to fruition across the globe. But she suffered on going “dark nights of the soul,” because, for some reason, she had, then lost, the feeling of the presence of the Divine in her life. Now, you might say, “Well, if Mother Teresa could feel this way, what chance do I have?”

      I can not speak for her but I will tell you my personal experience. First of all, I believe that our Creator is pure love energy and that we are connected to that energy which created us, just as we are connected to each other because we are from the same Source. Furthermore, I believe that we are here ultimately to learn how to love unconditionally as does our Creator, who is pure love energy. All that we experience is to help us learn this life lesson. Ok, how do I know that our Creator loves me? First of all, I feel that love…and believe me, there were many years I did not it. I feel the connection with the Divine because I am of the Divine, just as you are. You say that you feel the interconnection. Beautiful! You are almost there. You also feel isolated. A paradox? Life is full of them. So, how do you get to the point of always feeling the connection, never feeling isolated. Honest answer? I do not know. I know that I have reached that point and never, ever feel that our Creator is not present. And you will, also, and soon, too. How do I know that? Because you want to. Because you are seeking. You are questioning. Our intent is what makes everything manifest. Also remember that mankind is going through an awakening, a huge shift is occurring across the globe. This is a difficult time, in many ways, but a joyous time, too. My answer to you is to just ask for what you need. Do it as simply as a child would. And keep asking until you feel that you have received what you need. This is what I did. I asked every morning for weeks, and one day, as I was asking, there it was….what I was not even sure existed. Each of us can experience this differently, so just ask to know that you are loved, that our Creator is always, always, within you just waiting to be asked. It is so simple that we miss it. Thanks again for your honesty. Please feel free to write me at if you wish. Hugs, pat


      • Dear Pat.
        I am truly grateful that you feel the connection with our creator, always. That is a re-assurance, a piece of heaven on earth.
        I feel the interconnection when I am in the fortunate position that I can give something; I know the answer, I can make someone smile, I can give someone a fiver for his dinner.
        But I feel the great isolation, the eerie cold icy winds of abandonment when I feel needy; of love of comfort of purpose.
        I hear your blessing for me, for us seekers, and I accept it with a grateful heart. How I would love to feel the presence of my creator when I need something, or even want something., xxx


      • Ah, Anna, you already have found one wonderful way of getting what you need….helping others. When we give love, we become a magnet for love. I have volunteered for years in all kinds of interesting things and each one has returned a hundred fold what I gave. I used to think I had to be doing some “worthwhile” project to manifest this connection with our Creator. Then I finally was shown that sometimes the tiniest thing, a smile, a willingness to sit and listen without judging or “fixing,” etc., can be just the act of kindness that person needs. And, at the same time, it fills me with the love we all need. You are doing just fine, Dear One, just keep going. Remember the game of looking for something while another tells you if you are hot or cold to help you find it. Well, you are hot, hot, hot, burning hot, OMG hot. LOL, just do! All the love you could ever want is right in front of you. In fact, it is inside of you. Our Creator made us of pure love energy, we are co-creators. Just think what that means, Anna. Take it literally. Just love them, Anna. Just know that we are each doing the best we can at any given moment. So just love them, but first love yourself. Be as kind to yourself as you are to others, then send it out. I am sitting here with a grin on my face because you are so red hot! love you and will keep you surrounded by Light until you see what I am talking about. hugs, pat


  3. BUBBLES this is a really practical metaphor Pat.
    I will start using it…
    We should not let our emotions turn to stone.
    To heavy to carry around.
    Thank you for sharing this wonderful message 🙂


    • I was so astounded when I finally learned that emotions ALWAYS just go away and that we can learn to just observe them and not be hooked by them. Or even enjoy the richness they can add to our life. I always felt sorry for Mr. Spock of Star Trek because he could not feel emotions. hugs, pat


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