Your Lucky Day

Today is your lucky day.
You have won a spectacular sunrise,
another day to enjoy life,
One more unique sunset,
and a good night’s sleep.
What, you wanted a pot of gold?


  1. Pat, I am just getting through the archive of your posts for April 8-13. ( I have weekly archives of all the blogs I follow arrive as one e-mail per blogger every Saturday morning, instead of getting the posts daily.) I appreciate the time and effort you put into so many uplifting messages each week. You always find JUST the right picture to illustrate each thought.

    The hardest thing about inspiration is to take the head knowledge that we don’t dispute and make it heart knowledge that changes our lives.


  2. Hi Pat. Just read your last 17 posts… as always, beautiful pictures and words. 🙂
    I am way behind with work on the cabin and property, so I can’t read everything people post until days later, so it’s difficult to reploy to each one.


    • Lovely of you to take the time, Steve. I have been without an Internet for the past week so surely understand not being able to keep up with the usual daily posting, reading and responding. Just click a like button once in awhile so I know you were here as it always makes a happy spot on my face when I see your name. hugs, pat

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