Life Without the Internet

A week without Internet showed
me how much time I give to this
double-edged sword. While opening
the doors to new worlds, it also has
become a demanding suitor. Of course,
the choice is mine. My cell phone is
now used only for emergencies in the
car. It is time to consider carefully
where I wish to put my mind. There is
a part of me crying out, “yeah, but….”
Still, a week of freedom had a peacefulness
to it that I can not deny. I am such an
“all or nothing” person that I expect
balance is the lesson here. What about
you…are there areas in your life where
you need more balance?


  1. I must admit I also felt a week of freedom and there is a peacefulness in it. Just kidding!
    I guess whatever we are doing, we are developing an attachment to that activity.Attachment or craving is the cause of misery. Doing our karma (action) without any expectation of return or attachment to it will lead to peace.


    • I laughed when I read your comment because I try to post a new poem every four hours around the clock. Other readers tell me that they have trouble “keeping up” so I expect they were glad I was without Internet for a week, too. lol However Source of Inspiration is not required reading. Hopefully, regardless of time zones, there is always something fresh posted so that people can come here when they need a boost and find something new. Thanks for your truthful joke and the smile it gave me. hugs, pat


  2. Indeed the internet became a demanding suitor. You know if you slip just one day the emails will start piling up and being the person I am, I want to give attention to all and everything in my life and yet it can be difficult at times. I just learned to let go. If I can’t do it all in one day, tough luck. I think it taught me patience and that we can just do the best we can. Sometimes I shut down completely and don’t even switch on my computer just so I don’t have to see the emails pouring in and then I just do what I enjoy doing at that moment and forget that there are demands. 🙂
    Great post hon!
    *big hugs*


  3. I’ve done this before..very hard to break away, too easy to turn back..All in all, I think I do need another vacation from the virtual world soon..Thanks for sharing this 🙂


    • Yes, as I look at all the unanswered comments, pages of emails, poems written and not posted, I can see my resolve to have more balance tiptoeing out the door. I am going to run catch it as soon as I answer one more comment. lol
      Hugs, pat


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