Are you a gentle person?
What does it mean to be gentle?
I certainly was often lacking
this virtue when I was young.
With age, I have discovered
this aspect of my self and
nurture it as much as I can.
Consider what gentleness means
to you and how you might
change your life by being
a gentle person.


    • Lovely quote from the Dalai Lama. Yes, being kind is always an option. How many times I have wished I could take back something I said the instant it flew out of my mouth. Now, I have enough experience with regret to think before I speak. Thank you for your comments and presence here. Am always happy when I see you have been here. Hugs, pat


  1. I am probably too gentle a person and need to be a little tougher, I guess – being gentle is good, but it also makes people take you for granted and walk right over you.


    • Perhaps one can be gentle and yet emit a personal power that says, “Don’t underestimate me.” It starts with our image of ourselves, our belief in our own worth. If you are already gentle, you are ahead of the pack. Go for the whole package. hugs, pat


      • I love the way you put that. Gentleness I think comes from a sense of being connected, for then you begin to want for others what you want for yourself. I have always felt that “Love your neighbour as yourself” is one of the most potent messages of all time.


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