Creativity #3

Creativity can be developed.
It is a way of looking a things,
“with a fresh eye,” “out of the box,”
but it is more than this.

We each have the ability to go
within to our place of stillness
where a connection to Source is
ever present. It is here where
we envision what it is we wish
to create with as much detail
as possible. We can humbly as
for help as well.

As ideas come, write them down
without judging them, “too
expensive, I don’t know how
to do that,” just put them down
even if you have no idea how
to do them. Let your imagination
soar. Give yourself a goal of a
certain number of ideas to list.

Do this regularly in all aspects of
your life. Examine your world
from a different perspective.
Consider all the ways you can use
your creativity. It is there
waiting for you.

Share your thoughts if you wish.

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