Arrogance of Youth

I have a young friend
who wishes to save the world,
a worthy goal if one looks
on the surface. There is an
aspect of arrogance in this
young person’s self-confidence
that makes me smile, yet wince
at the same time.

He is so filled with new found
wisdom, sure he can share it and
all will be “saved.” How well I
see myself in him, always wanting
to “make a difference.” Yet I am
learning to leave people alone, to
love them enough to let them learn
through their own experiences. Yes,
I have retired from my mission
of saving the world.

But have I really? Would I still
be posting poetry here if I had
truly learned this lesson? I wonder.


  1. The desire to see others change for the better should stay with us I feel, just as we would want every cell in our body to remain healthy and vibrant. If one looks at it that way, there would be no arrogance in it at all , just an awareness that we’re all just part of a composite whole, don’t you think?


  2. so beautiful!
    We never “retire” from our mission…Our mission is born once with us-only our attitude born from Ego may change- but the …mission will always be there as long as we breath…Simply spreading good energy through a smile is accomplishing our mission…:-) Love you Pat! I so enjoy feeding my soul with your wisdom-whether you want “help” me or not-giggles…<3


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