When to Kill

In Brazil, if someone is attacking
you with intent to kill, you do not
have the legal right to kill in self-
defense. This is no death penalty here, either.
Thou shalt not kill. Period.

Interesting issue…when is it permissible
to kill? Soldiers are allowed to kill, even
women and children, either face-to-face or
with bombs that wipe out all life, even a
tiny kitten sleeping by its mother.

When the state of Texas in the US executes
a prisoner on death row, the cause of death
is listed as “homicide.” The only time the
killing is called what it really is. Up
until that point, it is legally called
“execution,” i.e., to carry out. A football
player can execute a team’s defense play.
Killing by the state can not be called,
“carrying out the death penalty” for even
Texas, know for its executions, calls it
“homicide” in the end.

It there ever a circumstance where it is
permissible to kill? The US Constitution gives
its citizens the Right to Bear Arms, i.e.,
to kill in certain circumstances.

I ask again, do we have the right to kill?
People, animals? At what point does life
become sacred?


  1. These are interesting questions. I didn’t know that about Brazil.

    I’m not convinced the right to bear arms equates to the right to kill another. Even if a person kills in self-defense, the person is going to be put on trial for murder and would have to prove it was self-defense. Most states don’t have stand your ground laws, and you are required to try to flee unless you’re in your own home.

    Also, back when that law was made part of our constitution, people hunted for food. We also had more predators in this country then, too. If you couldn’t own a rifle, you couldn’t hunt or defend your family from bears or wolves. Some people in rural areas still keep a weapon because of predators, not because of their neighbors.

    Because a lot of laws around firearms are local laws, our country has vast and confusing differences in firearms laws. That has added a layer of confusion to recent news. But one thing is clear — some people of color live in fear that the police or vigilantes can murder them and not be held accountable. That just isn’t okay to me.


  2. I absolutely believe that ALL life is sacred, even rats, roaches, and people in great Darkness. This does not mean that I want this in my house. 🙂 But I am a healer, a believer in the Divine. So, I personally believe that life is sacred. I also know that there are many who are so immersed in Darkness that they do not yet have the consciousnesses to understand the sacredness of life. That does not change my belief that we are all connected in ways we can not fathom right now. So I continue to have a reverence for life. This issue of killing is very difficult for few could allow someone to kill us or someone we love if we had the means to stop them. And the issue of serial killers who continue to kill even in prison (do you know the movie, Silence of the Lambs?) is also troubling. I do not claim to know how to deal with this whole thing. I only know that life is sacred and we all are connected, i.e., people, animals and plants. What do YOU think? hugs, pat


  3. I think it depends on what meanings we attribute to life, and thus whether we believe it is sacred or not takes significance over what it is on its own (since we do not know). So legally, whether life is sacred, or more so whose life is more sacred is decided upon by those in power (whether political, economic, social, religious, etc).

    At least, that’s what I think.


  4. Hmmm…now when i am thinking about it, i myself am starting to question it. Life is continuing to become less and less sacred. And i guess you would agree that there is no stopping this phenomenon. At the pace this world is moving or as they say “progressing/developing”, you would agree that we are about to get into far worst situation. And then there will be no rights and no laws; just survival.


    • Well, Anish, I am the eternal optimist. I believe that there is an awakening in progress and that mankind is evolving to a higher spiritual plane. I have great hope that as we move toward the Light, the chaos and Darkness so evident now will fade away. Remember that there is nothing, absolutely, nothing more powerful than the love energy of our Creator. The Dark can not exist where there is Light. The more of us there are who want a world of peace and harmony, the stronger the Light here becomes. Each of us is a point of light and our love can help tip the scales. Thanks you for commenting. hugs, pat


      • Well frankly speaking i myself hope that your vision does come true. There is nothing more that i would love. After all, we all are living for our family, our friends, our society and working towards something so enlightening will always give hope not only to us but for the generations ahead. I believe that a perfect balance should be maintained for that to happen but of course it should be Nature which tries to maintain the life cycle rather than we human taking it in our hands. All we can do is work with Mother Nature and help her in every way possible. I hope you agree with me on this.


      • Indeed, I do agree that working with Mother Nature is the key for She has much to teach us. Thanks for your comments and for your presence here. hugs, pat


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