What is Spirituality?

Spiritual journey, path, search,
what is spirituality? We use
this word often. What makes
a journey, life, person spiritual?
Love, enlightenment, oneness,
tranquility, peace on Earth, my
head spins with “New Age” vocabulary.

Why do we have this yearning that
makes us create rituals, religions,
philosophical debates, wars? And why
do some have this longing and others
seem not to?

Is there a God? Or do I want there
to be some scheme that gives my life
and death purpose? So that life does
not end up a big crap shoot with many
people losing the game?

I shine the light on questions we ponder.
Do I now give you some tibits of wisdom so
that you can leave satisfied and go to the
next poem? I wish it were that easy.

Instead, I will only give you more food
for thought. How can we be on a spiritual path
that does not include everyone? Enlightenment
is a communal process; it is not an individual
goal or state of being. Can I be “enlightened”
in a world that allows children to be hungry,
sexually abused, dying from a contaminated planet?

“So should I give up my search?” you ask. “Because
I, as one human being, can not solve the problems
here on Earth.” No, indeed, our longing comes from
that inner voice that tells us who we are, why
we are here, i.e., our purpose.

While we have this individual soul, at the same time,
we are interconnected to all life–“We Are One”
is not a peace rally slogan. It is a scientific
and spiritual reality. Our quest must include our
understanding that we live in compassion
for and with each other as well as for all life.
How we do this is what our spiritual journey is about.

Share your thoughts if you wish.

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