Gene Transfer

Genes are shared not only
via reproduction within
species, but also among
members of different species, i.e,
there is no wall between species.
The idea that all life is connected
is being substantiated more and more.

The implication of genetic sharing
is enormous. From a spiritual point
of view, one can see how that which
affects mankind extends into plant
and animal life as well.

As we go through this spiritual
transformation, what we are
experiencing with affect all aspects
of life here on Earth. The more
we are able to stay in the positive
higher energy, the more we contribute,
not only to our own transformation, but
to all others as well.

“Be happy” is not an idle phrase. It is
a way of being that secures our evolution.


The Biology of Belief, Dr. Bruce Linton, (Nitz, 2004, Gene Sharing)

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