Those We Hate

We become the person we hate.
The abused child becomes the abuser.
Daughter of an alcoholic turns to drink.
We make our children feel unloved, they
do not learn how to love us.
Generations perpetuating patterns of
abuse, neglect, and hatred. How does
the story end?

Estranged families, high rise apartments
full of strangers, communities littered
and neglected, countries constantly at
war, nations lying in ruin, water
contaminated, forests cut down, animals
dying next to starving children. This
nightmare must end.

Then one day a child was born into a family
who knew how to cherish him. He was cuddled,
loved and taught. He learned how to love and
care for the land. Eventually he married a
girl who also came from a loving family.
They had children who learned how to love and
one-by-one these loving families spread
across the globe. As the energy of love
began to prevail, waters sweetened, children
planted flowers and trees, animals were once
again sacred and the Earth was a world of
peace and harmony, love, compassion and respect.
It all started with a boy who became the father he loved.


  1. Oh Pat! This is absolutely beautiful. What a world that would be! It is true, hurt people hurt people. When we have never experienced love that didn’t hurt – it’s hard to love ourselves or others. Trust… what’s that? To remove these barriers and have whole people raising whole people – it will indeed be a ripple effect I’d welcome! Thanks for sharing! ♥


  2. from my own life

    I can say that people who experienced abuse and hardship
    can overcome those difficulties and not pass them on to their children

    both of my parents had difficulties and challenges,
    survivor issues and walking wounded handicaps

    they made an effort to break the mufti-generational cycle

    and I am thankful to them every day for the strength of character
    and the compassion that I have as a result.

    funny, the poem makes me a little wistful and sad

    I am 44 and I never found myself in the right circumstances to have a child
    but I take comfort and heart, because I have a sister who did.

    I am very proud of my niece – she is a lot like me.


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