Red Hat

When I was a little girl,
there was a long list of all
the things “nice girls” could
and could not do. There was
another list of what “Ladies”
should and should not do. Do
you know that ladies do not
sweat; they “glow.”

If there is a list for crones,
I have not been presented with it
yet. So after a lifetime of rebelling
against and conforming to the demands
of others, I’m thinking of buying a
big red hat. This hat must be elaborate,
outrageous, non-conforming. I’m
going to wear it as a reminder to
avoid “shoulds.” Know where I can
get a big red hat? There are lots
of people who need one.


  1. You were shown this list too when you were a little girl??

    Someone once told me, only whores and little girls wear red shoes. Same goes for hats. I’m happy to tell you the last pair of shoes I bought were RED, as was the last hat.

    In sync with you, my friend.

    Love, Leslie


    • Yes, I always loved that poem about the purple hat. I do love purple, too, so who knows, maybe I will splurge and get both, or maybe I do not need both. 🙂 I am trying to simply my life these days. hugs, pat


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