All is One???

There is a less than charming
worm that borrows into your skin
and dines on your flesh. It secrets
an acid which liquefies tissue which
the “bernie” then slurps away.

There are several gruesome ways to
extract this creature…a “Hunger
Game” reality. Why would anyone
write a poem about such an
unpleasant being? Are not these
poems supposed to inspire?
Perhaps the inspiration comes when
we figure out how the idea “All is One”
includes a bernie.


  1. Nice twist in the thinking here, Pat, but really, when you stop and deeply think about it, there’s no twist at all, if that makes sense (OR…if you embrace All is One).
    Thank you!
    Love, Leslie


    • I agree with the theory, Leslie, but having suffered a bernie and a massive tooth infection at the same time, I can tell you that I need to work on the One is All idea when it comes to these tortuous critters. I will save the story for another time, but the reason I got the bernie turned out to be a huge lesson for me, so guess I should thank the Universe for creating bernies. sigh, sure will be glad when I learn in a more gentle fashion. hugs, pat


      • Lessons, lessons. As much as I truly do love them, some days I’d like to take a vacation from them. If I ever manage a bernie and massive tooth infection at the same time, THAT will be the day I’d like to phone in my Lesson-Free day. I’d like to just be a big baby that day!!


  2. you could deem this to being inspiring awareness of

    the icky dangers posed by things in nature

    many insects and things burrow into humans or animals hosts to lay eggs

    most of the poems i wrote as a teen are very morbid.

    because teens are whiny like that


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