My Spot

I am standing in my spot
afraid to move, afraid to stay.
You offer to trade;
I wonder what you are up to.
Now that I know you want my spot,
I am afraid of you.


  1. Brilliant, Pat. This poem is an example of what I think you’re really excellent at: using few words to present a VARIETY of feelings, emotions, and THOUGHTS.
    Thank you.
    Love, Leslie


    • Poems, like paintings, mean different things to different people. Ponder this a bit or just ignore it. Monkeys are a big part of my life. The tribe comes each day to eat corn I give them. I have planted 60 banana trees around so they have lots of bananas but prefer the ones I give them by hand. The other day I offered the Chief kiwi. He came over to look in the pail to see if I had bananas which he clearly preferred. When I showed him that I did not, he sighed, chattered his disapproval and climbed the bamboo with the kiwi eating it with a great show of disappointment. They constantly delight me. Hugs, pat


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