Seeds in a Pod #1

Four seeds in a pod;
one says to the others,
“Come, let’s open the pod
and see what’s outside.”

“No!” they cried, trembling in
fear. “We have everything we need
here. It’s cozy, safe.”

“But there is a beautiful world outside,
filled with butterflies, flowers,
trees, sunlight and freedom.”

“No, you’re dreaming. You are a fool!
There is nothing outside. It’s all
in your head.”

The little seeds grew and the pod
became tighter. Said the first
seed, “Soon I must go. I have need
to expand, to grow, to flower, to
become a mighty tree.”

The other seeds grumbled and
plotted how to stop the first
seed from opening the pod.
“Let’s kill him,” they whispered.
“But how as he is part of us?”

The first seed knew their threats
and fears, but understood that
the opening of the pod was inevitable
and waited in peaceful anticipation.


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