New Age Jargon

Sometimes I tire of this
“New Age” blather which
proclaims ownership to
westernized wisdom from
antiquity. How is it that we
think we invented something
new because we learned to
recycle? Ask the people of
Cuba who have been cut off
from the world for years, if
they know about recycling?
They are experts at it. But
then so was my mother and
grandmother, who knew poverty
and hunger well.

We spend money on CDs, workshops,
retreats, books to learn “All is One.”
Why not give this wealth to those who
are suffering from hunger and disease?

I can read a book on loving my brother,
but if I still allow my taxes to be
used for war, or absurd projects,
what have I learned?

I am a drop in a rushing stream. I
spin, splash, and gurgle along
with the multitude of other drops.
If you take me out, am I not longer
a drop of water?


  1. Oh, Pat, I so relate to the exclamation of our mutual condition as we “spin, splash, and gurgle along with the multitude of other drops.” Hopefully our splutterings help a few of the other splashes rise to new heights of optimism and positive activity. Hopefully more of us will donate to (or other organizations that benefit those in need) if we must order something on-line that’s necessary for our existence and it’s not available in our local stores or we are sequestered. There are so many ways to share our privileged lives with those less fortunate. Every spin, splash, and gurgle counts!


  2. I relate very strongly to your unease
    about the wealth of the west

    we are the 10%
    when the global community of humanity is considered

    even as we are in the 99% in our own nations


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