Word Play # 5

Sacred Journey
dread **your
red ****our
dare ***nor
******* or

Sacred journey begins in the heart
A yen to know who we are prompts
Dread and fear are replaced with faith
Our journey joins us through eternity
Your truth merges with mine
Dare we to explore the unknown
Joy is our creed, love becomes who we are

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5 Responses to Word Play # 5

  1. Perfect! Thanks, Pat.


  2. Nina says:

    I really like these new poem forms you are being playful with the word/letter arrangements.

    and the image – I love water reflective images.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Thanks, Nina. I do, too. Dan, one of the visitors here introduced it to me. He is really good at it. It is not as easy as it looks, fun though. Have you tried it? I thought of you when I found this picture as you had said that you like reflective images. hugs, pat


      • Nina says:

        no. I have actually never been good at word games

        I am terrible at crosswords, word search and scrabble

        funny when I think about it

        I appreciate the difficultly level

        it’s why admired your ability with it


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