Waiting to Choose

Heaven holds its breath
waiting for us to choose.
Lifetimes pass, still we
linger in indecision, afraid,
veiled, unable to see what
is right in front of us. We
hear the whispers of truth.
Awaken, brothers and sisters.
Heaven holds its breath
waiting for us to choose.


  1. stunning image

    it seems so purposeful and in some ways at odds with the poem

    I find these days that clarity of vision is the norm
    the paved path ahead is clear

    but the steps to reach the path are muddy

    and so, I muddle through, shuffling along


  2. Now you are obviously hearing from the same source dear lady. This is my THIRD run-in with “choice” this week. Hmmmm…… My question is not really if we can choose, it certaily feels like it, and not are we preordained to choose, that seems clumsy somehow…but…are we prewired to want to choose one way or another? Do our inclinations direct us to a determined point where we can scarcely resist? If so, where does that wiring come from? If not, why aren’t all our proclivities alike?


    • Lovely questions, Dan. Wish we were sitting on the veranda watching the monkeys and chatting about these things at length. First of all, you and I are definitely connected….but thn all of us are connected. I just finished reading the Divine Matrix which explained this connection in an interesting way. As for how much choice we truly have, that is the big question isn’t it? I expect that we have a lot in some areas but are also influenced by Source and nonspiritual sources. I also like your last question, because I have that same issue with the idea that we create our own realities. While I can easily see where this happens at times, not always. And, like you point out, what happens when other people’s realities overlap ours? When the pondering gets too hard, I go play in the sandbox and let the grownups figure it out. Wanna play in the sand with me? lol, hugs, pat


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