Our Family


How do we really
feel about our family?
Are there buried hostilities,
unresolved with time?

How do you feel about
colleagues at work,
neighbors, people of
different sexual orientation,
other religions, other
countries, people in prisons,
homeless on the street?

Do you ever feel that you
have had enough, that you
would like to quit? How
trapped we can feel at
times in our life. We awake
with yet another difficult
day to face.

But, Dear Ones, this was
not meant to be. It is
our inner struggle that
keeps us mired down. Our
Creator patiently waits
for us to finally say,
“Please help me. Teach me
how to love, guide my every
step, be as close as my breath.”

Oh, what joy and peace we will
know when we surrender our
lives and will to the lessons
of unconditional love.

Heartfelt prayer and meditation
focused on our Creator will
bring you the serenity for
which you long.

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6 Responses to Our Family

  1. Beautifully written!! Family is a unique relation in itself.


  2. Jay Moli says:

    I must say that this is a very wonderful family picture. 🙂


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