Through the Glass

The world through glass
looks very different these days
empty street–no cars or people
the silence is filled by birds
greeting the blossoming of spring

I see the world
through virtual realities
national parks, famous museums
places I always wanted to visit
yet now I see them
only on a screen

I turn away from children
on solitary walks with my dog
afraid I am a danger to them
and they are the same to me
what kind of world
has this become
where we fear the children
we once welcomed so eagerly

The world through glass
is still beautiful
but not the same
without the closeness
of friends and family
I miss you all
ad long to hug you
may I never take you
for granted again.


  1. The silence has given me much needed time to reflect on how blessed I am. I remember seeing snow fall for the first time and being enamored. Hearing the birds sing and just watching how peaceful it is outside has reminded me of my childhood. I kinda needed this recharge.


    • I am sad to see all the tragedy this virus is causing, yet the confinement is finally a chance for us all to slow down, really reflect what is truly important in our lives, what we have been missing and where we want to go from here. ❤


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