Question for God #15

deep purple flower

Are there beings without souls or those that are forever incable of being in the Light?


  1. I read somewhere that the body and soul are one. That you can’t have one without the other. I assume that everyone has light in them, because after all we all live a few planets away from the sun.


  2. Might seem that way from the pinhole perspective y’all are normally viewing things from on earth, and what sometimes seems like the triumph of evil over good, but the answer is no. Everything is everything…all are divine…it’s all part of the game, which i made pretty damn realistic, wouldn’t you agree?



  3. I hope not. I like to believe we are all capable of good. I have certainly met people who hide their goodness. Perhaps it is not there, but that is so sad.


  4. Interesting question…I look at the evil in the world and wonder this myself frequently. I go back and forth. However I cant wrap my head around the idea of some “people’s” actions that are born out of pure hate and evil. However we may never know…


  5. I think there are. I think there are people who have just turned rotten as I speak… And others that will never change! In fact dolphin attacks on sharks leads me to suspect it may even pervade the entire animal kingdom… Interesting question!


  6. no! everyone is blessed with a soul darkness is always overcome by light!God does not right off anybody some people live in the darkness because no one has shown them the light others choose this path or take a wrong turn and get lost but the light will always prevail


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