Where’s My Mind?


Where do I allow my mind
to focus? Do I remember all
the kind, smiling people I met
or do I keep thinking about
the one rude stranger in a store?
Do I rehash old hurts, my mind a
hamster on a wheel? We can
choose where we focus our thoughts
and not be enslaved by what has

Today I choose to remember the sweet
times, or better yet, create more
happy times to fill my memories with love.


  1. “… create more happy times to fill my memories with love.”
    Does this mean there must be happy times in order to feel love or to know what love is?
    Would that mean love is depending on happy times?
    Isn`t it the other way round that we first feel some abstract kind of emotion – what we all call love? When we are little babies? I don`t think i was able to notice it as happy times. I just felt that love!
    And these strong feelings gave me an impression of how happy times should be. That love makes happy times. And so all times, can be happy times somehow.
    When i will dye. I will either say – if i had an unlucky life – that everything was hmmm…. not so good – or I will trust God as a metaphor for love and then i will say, okay, it wasn`t that good but i am sure that i will become better!?
    Tell me, what is love?
    What is a memory?
    What is a focus?
    When my eyes don`t see, i can focus anything and won`t be able to understand and change my mind. When I love, it don`t matter what i focus, i will find love everywhere…


    • feeling love makes you happy and being capable of happy indicates you have untapped love.

      easier to see once you’ve been subjected to years of craven indifference and an absense of love and happiness


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