Rainforest News # 152

My grandmother’s bowl
Made biscuits light and fluffy
Her magic love bowl!


Plastic appliances do not last…
they break,
we throw them away,
we buy another,
Mother Earth weeps.


How long does it take
for a disposable diaper to disintegrate?
How high would the mountain be
if all the disposable diapers used in one year
were put in one place?
Your grandmothers knew,
cloth diapers make sense!

Quote of the Day
We can do no great things, only small things with great love. ~Mother Teresa

Pat’s Ponderings

How can it be that in my lifetime, I have seen delicious water from taps and streams be replaced with dead water in plastic bottles? And peace and quiet be replaces with constant canned music and blaring TVs?


Children’s Wisdom

I taught my little brother how to play checkers. He beat me after the second game. Something tells me, I’m in trouble!


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