How Can I Help

We watch from the safety of our homes as tragedy unfolds again and again. How can I help; what can I do? Today I have three ideas for you to help:

Please consider making facemasks if you sew. Above is a tutorial on how to make simple masks at home. You can find others on YouTube. Millions are needed by healthcare workers, first responders, and yes, your family. If you want to make larger quantities and can’t afford the fabric, ask towns and friends to donate the fabric, thread, and elastic. Check with quilting supply companies locally and online as they may be willing to donate what you need.

Start a garden…even in pots on your patio or sunny windows if you live in apartments. We don’t know what the supply of fresh foods will be if this stretches on for any length of time. Even if you have never done this, you will get the hang of it quickly. Start with the veggies you have on hand such as onions, garlic, tomatoes, peppers, etc. Look on YouTube on how to start plants with their seeds and root bases. It is really easy. Order seeds online. Look at vertical gardening, small area gardens, container gardening. Find out what edible plants grow locally, even cities have them. Grow them if you can for they will be hardy. Or look for them in empty lots, parks, etc. Be sure and wash them well with vinegar and water and with soap. Be sure you know what you are eating before eating them. Try a very small amount at first. Some are delicious. Check out the YouTube areas that have videos on Survival and other related topics.

The last thing you can do to help that I want to mention today is to STAY AT HOME, PRACTICE GOOD HYGIENE, KEEP A DISTANCE OF SIX FEET IF YOU MUST GO OUT!!! Really, everyone, it doesn’t have to be the worst-case scenario. Each one of us can make a difference.

Pray, everyone, pray!


  1. Well, I don’t sew but am doing the other two. I think if you buy organic potatoes you can plant those in your garden fairly early as well. You don’t want regular potatoes that have been sprayed or treated. And I just ordered seeds and a growing light and shelf, plus will use my windows. And it’s fun and life affirming to watch things grow. Nice post. I am going to save pepper seeds. Shoot, I meant to buy those, though.


    • Look at the video that shows how to plant onion bottoms you cut off, garlic, pepper seeds from peppers you cook, etc. You can grow an amazing amount of food in a very small space. So glad you are doing this. Encourage others. If you can’t make masks, perhaps you can donate toward the supplies needed to make them: cotton, muslin, thread, elastic. Look for online coupons and bargains. Share the project with people who are making them. Its fun and certainly better than staying huddled and afraid in our home. hugs, pat


      • I will definitely look at the video on the seeds. I live in a small town and don’t see too many folks. And I take care of my dad who is 88 with Parkinson’s, heart disease and COPD and my son has Downs. I have to keep them safe and that is a full time job, so the seeds are probably all I can handle. But I’ve been passing on the seeds idea to everyone. Thanks for posting all this!


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