Power Poems

1. Praise the Lord
2. Grateful am I
3. Shielded from harm
4. I surrender, Lord
5. Follow the Light
6. Please forgive me
7. Be ever near
8. We are One
9. Guide me, Lord
10. Have mercy on me

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4 Responses to Power Poems

  1. How are you doing my friend in the midst of all this viral excitement? All is good here. Taking precautions but not forgetting to live and be grateful. Take care! Chris


    • Pat Cegan says:

      I am staying home, visiting via phone and internet and just enjoying long periods of quiet, reflection, or just doing things I enjoy doing. I have followed this situation since the beginning and slowly stocked my supplies as I thought I needed. I lived in isolation in the jungle while in Brazil and am used to going without water and electricity. I managed my supplies there so all of this has been familiar to me. But most important, Chris, I am grateful for the serenity that faith and age have given me. I am at peace and grateful for all I have for we all have so much more than many in the world. Regardless of how my story ends, I am fine. I love Job’s statement about his faith, Job 13:15. That is true faith. I send you a distant but heartfelt hug, pat

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