Gifts of Age

I can no longer hear
the clatter of the world
leaving me free
to hear Your whispers
of love.

My eyes grow dim
helping me to shut out
the temptations of the soul
and focus on Your tender face.

Age is not taking away
but rather preparing me
to enter
leaving behind this
world of woe.

My steps grow unsteady
allowing me to slow down
and savor each moment
to bask in the sunlight
of Your mercy.

Thank you, Lord
for this time of reflection
serenity unknown in youth
great is the love of our Creator.


  1. I love being 80 and having time for reflection. But, I don’t feel old. I am like my 94-years-young friend who is a “Senior Companion” for all those OTHERS who need her help! Secret to aging happily: stay healthy and keep reaching out!


    • Amen, amen. Also, I have learned that if I am ill and need help, I am still doing God’s work by graciously allowing someone to help me and thereby get the blessing we have gotten through our service work. It was quite freeing to finally understand this. hugs, pat

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