Oh, Nuts!


Too many nuts
it’s good to have some
but overindulgence
makes you crazy.
Why do we say
“nuts” for “crazy?”

I love nuts
both kinds.
Does this mean
I am crazy?
Think I’ll have


  1. Hah! Did you know today is “National Pistachio Day”?? We celebrated it with a handful of those delicious nuts at our TOPS meeting today (a handful of nuts is a healthy snack and a good way to avoid sweets when you are craving for a mid-day snack.) It is touted as one of the healthy ways to “Take Off Pounds Sensibly.”


    • What a temptress you are. Just took a year to lose all the extra weight and now am “dieting” to keep from gaining it back…76 and still counting. You would think we would finally get to an age where we could eat what we want. Surely heaven is like that, land of nightly pizza??? hugs, pat

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