Life Slipping Away

lighthouse on the edge

Clap once
stomp twice
shout three times
in a row.
Each day I do this
to let the whole world know.

There is no tomorrow;
we only have today.
If we let it slip by,
our lives just melt away.


  1. Sure I did!
    Let’s do a little jig once in awhile to invite this world to wake up from their collective slumber.
    Or, maybe just offer a kind word or smile.
    (Too many jigs might have somebody send the cops after you – ha!)
    Remember hearing about an old Buddhist story about a monk who was being followed by a hungry tiger and ended up going to the edge of the cliff. As the tiger got closer, he went out onto that Cliff, trying to climb down. Soon , It was clear that it was hopeless.
    Tiger above. Rocks below. Nowhere to go.
    Just then, he noticed something on the vine he was hanging onto. It was some wild strawberries! So, what did he do? Why, of course he leaned forward and ate some.
    As you said, life is slipping away. We really have no escape. We could get depressed about that. Or we can enjoy the life we have, and share some of that with others – awake or asleep.
    Join me in a jig?


  2. This is really inspiring, fun, and even catchy! I got inspired to try it just now in this coffee shop I’m in and people looking at me a little strangely.
    It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time.
    Maybe they too are a little more awake and alive!


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