Ball of Fire


Sun, ball of fire
pure energy symbol
of the Divine
steady pulse of life
given to all, how
we use it is up to
us–to create as souls
from the Creator, or
as souls who do not
accept the Light.

Some want only to take,
never learning the joy
of giving.
We have the ability to
create, to manifest with
our Creator. How precious
is this gift, too often
unused or misused.

Look within for your answers.
It is here your quest is
found. Without a decision to
make your life have value,
you drift and let others
decide who you will be.

S ource, Creator Divine
U ntil we awaken, our destiny is unclear
N now is the time for humanity to advance

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3 Responses to Ball of Fire

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  2. Hikari Yori says:

    Yes! To advance

    Hikari Yori



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