Mind Chatter


By nature I am gregarious;
at the same time, I need
long periods of solitude.
I wonder at our need to
discuss the minutia
of our lives.

I am intrigued by an idea
of a society that communicates
mind-to-mind, thus eliminating
the need to talk. Certainly,
transparent thoughts would do
away with a lot of lies and
create some interesting
dialogues. Yet, surely humanity
must be much more evolved
or our mind chatter would
be deafening if we could
hear it all.

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8 Responses to Mind Chatter

  1. JanBeek says:

    What an intriguing idea! Oh my! The world is a hard enough place to live in, a noisy enough place; with mind chatter becoming audible, it would be intolerable! No thank you!! šŸ˜©


  2. Love the poem, if only………. and I adore that organic art wall too!


  3. amenajariinterioare82 says:

    Very nice your blog. Congrats.


  4. Hikari Yori says:

    Pat, me too need a lot of solitude

    Hikari Yori



  5. riz says:

    That’s a very beautiful wall!


  6. Wow! What a beautiful green wall.


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