Realm of Possibilities


I’ve never seen an ET
Been told they don’t exist.
When I was a child, the
following did not exist:
Personal computers
Cell phones
Fax/scanner/copy machine

So much dis-information
mixed in with facts that
it’s difficult to know
truth from lies.
I’ve been fooled
by those I trusted
so now I believe
in the possibility
of everything
or nothing.

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9 Responses to Realm of Possibilities

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  2. susanddhavle says:

    There’s all sorts out there. Just reading over time tells you what is rubbish and what is worthwhile. My childhood was the same….we played outside and got a lot of activity but times change and now kids learn to be tech savvy very fast. At the same time they should be learning to appreciate other things, intangible things. You are sensitive and feel things.


  3. haddyism says:

    Love this


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  5. pepaulmier says:

    There are 3 truths in this world. My truth, your truth and The Truth. That is how I see it.


  6. Geo Sans says:

    today’s challenge
    not all
    are necessarily
    interpretive expressions
    finding real
    connections and meaning
    these forms
    new realms
    of our data


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