Original Idea


Think of an original idea,
one that has never
existed before. Is this
possible or are we doomed to
living reruns on demand?
Are we so locked into our
programming that creative
thinking is impossible?

I’ve moved outside
the box;
It’s lonely out here
but more are
arriving every day.
Won’t you come, too?

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6 Responses to Original Idea

  1. Tom Merriman says:

    I like this idea, Pat. I’m getting myself outside of the box… I’ll break through soon, I just know it!


  2. I love to be outside of the box…it’s too confining and closed minded inside. 🙂
    Great post!


  3. I am living outside the box with you, and the world on the outside is filled with wonder and awe. I hope that more and more people will find their way out of the box and join us!


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