Cutting Through

serrated knife

Bread knife
serrated blade
these bumps
cut through better
than a smooth edge

Slices of life
ready for the taking
after we cut
into manageable bites.
I am not asking that
life be without bumps
but rather that I have
the force and wisdom
to cut through to the
nugget of Being within.

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13 Responses to Cutting Through

  1. JanBeek says:

    “… the force and wisdom to cut through” … Ah yes, we all need both, for there is much to penetrate on this road called life! Love the bread knife imagery, Pat. ❤


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  3. After reading this post on another blog I follow, I just had to give you the link…speaking of Nutella.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Oh, no! Not another way to enjoy Nutella. It looks too good. I will not say “thanks” for tempting me, but of course, I will make it next time I have company and am sure it will not stay here afterwards. big hugs, pat


  4. I don’t like Nutella but I love this poem. 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Can not imagine not liking Nutella. It always intrigues me when someone does not like to eat something I love. How can our sense of taste vary so much? So interesting. Can I have your share? I will trade you for all bitter foods which Brazilians seem to love, especially bitter greens. Yuck! hugs and laughter coming your way! pat


  5. georgeforfun says:

    I like my bread and life with Nutella. just saying)))))))))))) Beautiful piece. TY


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