Seeking Silence


City noise is deafening
people noise offending
even the floresta has noise,
though it comforts not destroys.

Is there no escaping
this constant disco
rhythm of life that
wants to beat you into
submission until there
is no more you left?

There is a quiet place
where no one can go but you.
It is here that you will find
the serenity for which you yearn.
Go within, Dear One, deeper
than you’ve ever gone before.
There you will find this
place of serenity waiting,
waiting, waiting, simply
waiting for you to
how to

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8 Responses to Seeking Silence

  1. Thanks for this wonderful message, Pat!! I always love visiting your blog!! Your blog name is so apt as it is so very inspiring to me!!! Bravo, Pat!!
    xoxo 💖🌹😊


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  3. Cherry Harris says:

    Pat you do not know how I can relate to your beautiful words right now . Thank you so much for sharing them with me …Silence is golden because gold is cheap in comparison .

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      Cherry, I am learning how critical it is for me to have long periods of silence. Each of us has a resevoir within that is mostly untapped, waiting for us to slow our lives down and go within to learn, to renew, to connect with Source. I am happy to know that you are finding comfort in these poems for truly they are Sources poems. big hug coming your way, pat


  4. “Go within, Dear One….”…..such a moving way to name those whom you address….I liked that a lot.


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