Corn Pone Love

corn pone


Corn Pone
made in cast iron forms
crispy, fragrant, slathered
with butter. Laughter in
Granny’s kitchen warmed by
love and corn pone fresh
from the oven.

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7 Responses to Corn Pone Love

  1. MOMENTS says:

    That is what makes your poetry great, Pat. Out of the ordinary moment of Granny in the kitchen you make something extraordinary. You have captured these precious moments with beautiful verses where all senses are spoken to. I can feel the smell, the taste and everything. You have a poet’s soul. I am jealous of your work.


  2. haddyism says:

    That looks tasty


  3. SparkyLeeGeek says:

    Looks delicious!


  4. bbanublog says:

    fabulous dish with a fantastic label!!


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