The Bug


Me and the bug
have finally made peace.
I surrendered
my need to live bug free.

I notice there are fewer
bugs now…was my aversion
attracting them? Interesting
idea…that what we
dwell on, we attract.

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6 Responses to The Bug

  1. I agree my mother feels I manifest huntsman spiders, because she only gets them when I come to visit and I am petrified of them….love your bug so cute.


  2. We tend to give more thought and concentration to those ‘things’ that bother us as we are always ‘on guard’ in case they come up. And since the Universe hears our every wish, those things must come in the strongest. So with unconditional love the Universe obliges with our request that we so determinedly put ‘out there’ :). She knows that when we release those fears we will then be closer to that lovely state of unconditional love that she has in abundance. She wants us to have what she is. Thanks Pat, glad your heart is now being shared with those lovely creatures of this planet. And well done for your courage to face it, and the strength to go beyond 🙂 Namaste


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Well stated, Mark. I am fine with lady bugs. It was those huge spiders that terrified me but since I had this “mini-awakening” I have not had a single one in the house. Love your comments. hugs, pat


  3. It’s funny how manifesting occurs outside the yin or yang… Thoughts good or bad originate from source without judgement. Espavo. Love your thought.


  4. haddyism says:

    Wasps used to be attracted to me and living with me. Same with mice. I love lady bugs or they love me. Maybe both.


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