Yes, It Counts


Make a list of
all you do not like.
How long it grows
covering the whole
world. Like prayer
beads, we count them
every day.

Now make a list of
all that fill you
with gratitude. Which
list is longer? How
many beads do you
have here?

Write two things
for which you are
grateful for everything
on your first list. You may
not change a thing on
your list of what you
do not like, but you will
definitely change your focus.

Our perceptions of life
change our realities…
you can count on this!

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5 Responses to Yes, It Counts

  1. Hikari Yori says:

    Pat, I don’t use prayer beads. Normally, I write it down

    Hikari Yori



  2. viewpacific says:

    Wow that sounds like a tough exercise – to list two things I’m grateful for for each thing I’m not grateful for. I’ll try it! I’m already grateful I don’t have a long first list! 🙂


  3. iosatel says:

    Very nice work!


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