Letting Go


Memories come and go
instead of grabbing
them, desperately trying
to hold on, I am learning
to let this ocean of waves
wash across me
whitecaps of memories
peaking, then moving
away to make room
for the next, leaving
me one with the tides
of life, not
grasping at permanence
which is an illusion
of course!

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11 Responses to Letting Go

  1. Sounds like healing 💕


  2. val.180 says:

    I love how synchronicity works. This is the first post on my Reader, as I was browsing my blog, because I am working on a post on Letting Go myself. I enjoy your words still, you were/are one of the first blogs I followed here, when I began this blog a little over 5 years ago. 🙂


    • Pat Cegan says:

      How nice of you to share this with me. Five years…so much has happened since then, hasn’t it? Leave a link for your post on Letting Go so we can enjoy it, too. hugs, pat


  3. Beautifully written. Wish I could learn to write something like that. 😊


  4. JanBeek says:

    Memories have their place, but front and center is not it. Let them go… you’re right.. wash over us. Move on! Live in the today. Thanks for the reminder!


  5. georgeforfun says:

    Reblogged this on georgeforfun and commented:
    letting go, easier said than done


  6. Samanthamj says:

    Oh. This is a lesson I need to learn…
    Nicely written. Thank you.


  7. lorriebowden says:

    Beautiful! Blessitude!


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