No More Garbage


Perhaps the way
to solve the problem
of garbage and waste
is to declare we must
retain all that we
now throw “away.”
Living rooms filled
with plastic bottles,
spaces jammed with
broken phones, clothes
in three sizes,
years of greed
overflowing our space
until we finally learn
to recycle and
stop buying!


    • I was shocked at the plastic water bottle waste now. When did we get to be a people that only drink stale water out of plastic bottles? And the waste of packaging at fast-food stores, etc. hugs, pat


      • speed speed speed, no time for family, it’s easy to see how stuff breaks down, but it’s a lesson for the future, maybe we will all wake up one day, and say, what have we done..


  1. Interesting, but do you know any hoarders? I do. Many. And some hoard trash, but that doesn’t solve the problem. I suggest that municipalities try positive, rather than punitive measures, like this: Divide community into sectors for the purposes of this exercise. Each week, pick homes at random and take their “non-recycled bin” and dump the garbage into specific bins which will be calculated by volume and weight. Then all things that could have been recycled get removed and the original recalculated. The homes (pick a number) who have the lowest quantity of recyclables as a percentage of their weight &/or volume would receive a quiet little cash award (no media attention, beyond announcing that this specified plan would be put into effect at such and such a date). When people start getting checks, the media will have questions and the story can spread and other people can hope to win this by doing as well. The program would then be modified and expanded intelligently as more people start becoming interested.


      • I thought the poem was a great conversation starter (based on the replies you got) so I thought I would toss the idea out there. I have had it for a while, and eventually maybe someone will take it seriously enough to look into figuring out how to implement it.


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